Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Our Minimalist Adventure & God's Goodness

If you've been following this minimalist journey, you'll know I started in February of this year. I first started in my email inbox. I had thousands of unread spam just sitting there making me crazy. After that, I tackled my closet and other areas getting rid of a TON of stuff I knew I didn't need. At the time, we were living with my in-laws waiting for the next thing God had for us. I felt that whatever it was, we needed to seriously downsize. I felt a sense of urgency that we needed to be able to load up the important things as quickly as possible with as much ease as possible.

Little did we know, we would find ourselves with an open door that would move us from Tennessee from Missouri to take a church to pastor. We didn't have the money to load up a Uhaul (nor did we want to). So, we knew we could only take what would fit in our car. Thanks to our minimalist journey, we had seriously downsized and knew exactly what we would need to bring. We sold off our bigger furniture and relied on the grace of our in-laws to protect what couldn't fit this first trip. In the meantime, I knew we would be able to better determine if we really needed the things we left behind during this time setting things up in our new town.

Currently, the things we've brought are housed in my parents' basement along with us as we work to bring the parsonage up to par enough to live in. There is no doubt that my desire to become minimalist was inspired of God. But I had absolutely no idea how many more ways God would reveal Himself to us in the next phase of our journey.

Before we left, a few people gave us "seed money" for us to use to pour into our new community to help minister to the people we came in contact with. We were thankful for this and knew we would be good stewards of it. As great as that was, we knew we would need funds to pay our bills, live, and make the repairs and get the items we needed (things like a couch and bed). I had no idea how it would all happen. I decided we'd use the money we made selling the items left behind in the parsonage to fund the work we had to do on the house. So far, we've made $388 doing that.  I have no idea if we'll make enough to make all the repairs, but faith is blind. 

Along with that, over the past couple of weeks, we've had a few people come forward to give to us to help us with the house. Our parents have also helped us in sweat equity and purchased supplies. Recently, we were also gifted the funds to have a fun night out (which I'll tell you about later). I hadn't even thought about having dates. I've always been okay with the free dates I could come up with. But for someone to think, "These two just need a date night." Well, it blew my mind. For the first time since we've been here, we were able to go out just for work or stress about the things we needed to get done.

To date, not one bill has gone unpaid. We have not starved (in fact, a few people have treated us to meals). It all is evidence of one thing...God's goodness. We had the faith to make the walk through the be obedient. And God in all His goodness and mercy is supplying our needs every step of the way. I'm humbled and in awe. He's a good, good Father. Our minimalist adventures weren't just happenstance. It was God's way of showing us that we could let go of the stuff and let Him supply our needs. Not only that, but it was also God's way of showing us just how wonderful His people are. So many wonderful lessons to learn in the journey!

And a little update: I finished painting the bathroom today! I feel like it looks so good! Here's some before and after photos!


Here's to many more updates as we make progress on our current adventure! 

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