Friday, July 28, 2017

Birthdays & Adventures: My 40 by 40 Bucket List

Today is my birthday. I'm celebrating the 4th anniversary of my 29th birthday (you do the math). Most of the things I've accomplished to this point came a little bit later than I had originally intended. I got married just 2 months shy of the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday.  I graduated with my bachelor's degree just 2 months shy of the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday. That's not to say that I didn't accomplish some pretty amazing things. I've traveled my fair share around the United States and tried my hand at quite a few new things. Now, we get down to the nitty gritty. These years fly by so fast and I don't want to wake up for the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday and realize I haven't done all the big stuff. Thus, my "40 by 40" Bucket List. Or what I should call "40 by the 11th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday". I realize that's too long, so I'll stick with the former.

So here it is in all its glory. Some things are so simple, yet still undone. Some things are so likely near impossible that they just might take quite a lot of effort. Mind you, most of these things are completely selfish. That's just because I'm busy trying to save the world on a daily basis. These will obviously come when I'm not doing all of that.

1. See New York
2. See Seattle
3. See D.C.
4. See London
5. See Paris
6. See Madrid
7. See Rome
8. See Hawaii
9. See Niagra
10. Do something that goes viral.
11. Have a credit score over 700.
12. Write a novel.
13. Have said novel made into a movie.
14. Stay the night in a tiny house.
15. Own a custom tiny house (for guests and travel)
16. Have children.
17. Buy a home (for daily living).
18. Get Master's Degree
19. Earn a passive income to live off of.
20. Renew marriage vows.
21. Meet a celebrity.
22. Live in a loft/industrial style apartment.
23. Try a macaroon.
24. New York at New Years.
25. Be debt-free.
26. Get a nice SUV.
27. Learn to speak French.
28. Raise money for a favorite charity.
29. Give out "blessing bags" to homeless.
30. Revist Richmond, VA with D.
31. Make Beef Wellington.
32. Try Lobster.
34. Take Grandparents on an adventure.
35. Mother/Daughter trip somewhere new.
36. Make a French dish.
37. Go to an award show.
38. Learn and perform a choreographed dance.
39. Be on National TV for something positive.
40. Learn to enjoy exercising.

Now...let's see how many I can cross off this list!! Cheers!

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  1. What a lovely list, just yesterday, I was thinking how I do not need an SUV (my dream cars have been Porsche Cayenne and a white range rover) but yesterday after spotting one on the road I decide I do not need an SUV...and yes you need to see New York and Paris and do a boat ride down the Niagara.