Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Planning My Minimalist Vacation: Booking Hotels

Hello, everyone! I know it's been awhile and you'll have to forgive my absence! We've had A LOT going on lately (of which I am sure you'll hear about in the not-so-distant future). However, as you might've noticed in our trusty sidebar graph, we are reaching the end of our Minimalist Vacation Challenge and only have $102 of our $1000 goal to go. So...that means, it's time to plan our vacation!!

And the location is....


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!!!!  I'm so excited! My husband and I went for our first anniversary and loved it. It's within just about a 7-hour drive from our home in Knoxville, so transportation would be cheap and easy. With a $1000, we want to make sure we have plenty of spending money for food and activities.

We have chosen The Breakers Resort for our lodging and got an Oceanfront Delux Suite! With taxes and fees, it'll come out to $444.53 for 5 days and 4 nights of tropical bliss!

I wanted to give you a rundown of how we picked our lodging.

1.) Determine your MUSTS

There were a few things I knew I had to have. Here are MY musts:

     **Must be an oceanfront room (not to be confused with oceanview) so all we see is ocean.
     **Must have a queen sized bed or larger.
     **Must have a balcony.
     **Must have a kitchen (we like to make our own breakfast and eat on the balcony).
     **Hotel must have a Starbucks (yes, I'm serious. I love me some Starbucks on the beach).

2.) Determine your budget and compare.

I like to use Priceline and Hotels.com. To find the hotels with Starbucks, I used my Starbucks app to locate all the Starbucks stores along the shoreline in Myrtle Beach. There were about 3 plus one that I knew of that wasn't an official Starbucks but served Starbucks coffee. I compared each of the 4 places by price and whether they checked all the boxes on my list of musts plus their prices.  The Breakers Resort won it! Then, I looked at both websites to determine which one had the lowest listing price. Hotels.com won that race.

3.) Be mindful of dates.

We're around the season of Memorial Day and it turns out lots of hotels jack their prices up on holiday weeks. So, check the dates before or after major travel holidays and you're likely to find some great hotels at really awesome prices.

4.) Look for coupons.

Both Priceline and Hotels.com use coupons at times. In this case, I searched google for valid coupons for Hotels.com, found one and used it and ended up saving an additional $30.

So folks, that's where we're going. Dates and activities to be determined!

Have you been to Myrtle Beach? What was your favorite hotels, restaurants or activities?


  1. It seems very affordable and to be right in the beach is great!

    1. Definitely! Myrtle Beach isn't crazy expensive to begin with. The ocean is gorgeous and when you look out the patio window and that's all you see--my definition of bliss!

  2. How fun! Have you ever tried using ebates on hotels? You usually get 6-9% cash back, which is always nice! Have fun on your trip!

    Emily @ Haleandharlow.com

    1. I haven't! I've had a few people mention ebates to me before. I'm going to have to try it out! Thanks!

  3. hope you had a great trip! :) This is very straight to the point and helpful.

    1. Thank you! I'll be blogging more about this in the coming days! :)

  4. I never thought that I can use coupons to save on travel expenses. This is an amazing article and just on time before I plan my summer vacation.

  5. I had no idea you could search for coupons! Genius, also I love your logo!! XOXO Nicole

  6. Wow what an affordable trip for a great room! I've never been to Myrtle but I've definitely had an itching to explore South Carolina lately - it seems to really be making headlines often for tourism! And I love your Starbucks necessity. That's a good way to narrow down a selection!


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