Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Minimalist Library: 7 by Jen Hatmaker

So, after reviewing some awesome Netflix documentaries that relate to minimalism, I figured I'd review a book I finished a couple of weeks ago. The book is "7" by Jen Hatmaker. I had a friend last summer who mentioned I'd probably like Jen Hatmaker's books because not only are they faith-based, but incredibly sarcastic (which is right up my alley) and funny. I found the book on my local library's ebook app and decide to give it a read. That was when my husband informed me her books were recently pulled off of Lifeway's bookshelves because of some questionable comments she made on Facebook (Google it if you're interested). Despite that tidbit of information, I decided to go ahead and read it confident in my ability to cut through anything that was unscriptural if necessary. 

I found this book to be very thought-provoking and really didn't find anything I disagreed with from a faith standpoint. While this book is faith-based, it is also very practical and Jen's voice throughout is entertaining and funny. For this book, Jen decided to set aside 7 months to boil her life down to 7 things for 7 different areas of her life; each for 30 days. She focused on clothes, shopping, food, stress, media, possessions and waste. For instance, for 30 days she only wore 7 articles of clothing. Another 30 days she only ate 7 different foods. While the project seemed so overwhelmingly difficult in each area, she pressed on and made it through the 7 months and each of the areas.

The majority of her focus was on people in other countries who have to live on so little. She pulls in scripture to even more solidify the focus of less. For me, going minimalist was more about getting rid of the stress and distractions in my life. I wanted to spend more time enjoying life and my family and less time worried about taking care of my stuff. Then as I started getting rid of things, I was reminded of so many places in the Bible that talk about the idea of living with less. Jesus himself sent the disciples out and told them not even to bring a bag with them...they had to live on the hospitality of those around them. This book helped solidify those same thoughts. Now besides going minimalist to simplify and de-stress, I'm also doing it so that I can free myself up to do the things God has called me to do. Every day I let go, I'm a little lighter and freer to be and do more than I ever could before with things holding me down.

Do you have minimalist read suggestions? Or maybe a book you just finished that helped challenge you?

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