Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Minimalist Journey: The #minimalistvacation Challenge

Want to take a vacation? Pay off debt? Or just find some peace of mind? How about making my journey OUR journey! I'm inviting you to take my #minimalistvacation challenge. Join me in purging your things for cash to fund your next adventure!

I've started a Facebook group here and will be with you every step of the way if you join in! Share your struggles, your successes and ask for input! I fully believe all of us could have $1000 in each of our pockets in just a few short months. I personally plan to share all of the resources working for me on the journey and would love to hear what's working for everyone else.

You can also follow along with me on my Instagram where I've found a great network of other on their journey to a minimalist lifestyle.

What do you say? Do you accept the challenge?

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