Monday, March 6, 2017

Netflix and Chill for Minimalists: The Kindness Diaries

It's time again for "Netflix and Chill for Minimalists".  The last one I reviewed was "Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things" which I loved!  Then I was contacted by a long-time friend (shout out to Pastor Jim) recommending this documentary series "The Kindness Diaries." To say I loved it was an understatement!

Follow Leon Logothetis and all his courageous glory as he travels the world on a yellow vintage motorcycle (along with an equally cool sidecar) that he lovingly named Kindness One. While that in and of itself seems like a pretty cool adventure, the caveat to this world tour was that he had to rely only on the kindness of others to get him literally around the world. If he needed gas, food, or a bed to sleep in, it had to come from a complete stranger.  Along the way, Leon and his crew also give back to people in need who had, despite their own misfortune, shown him kindness.

This was so heartwarming and really renewed my faith in humanity. One thing I did come to see through this is that people with less generally gave more. From a homeless man sharing his "bed" and food to a family living in one room giving up their only bed for a night, it was clear generosity didn't have to come from people who were wealthy, but from any kind heart willing to share their time and space.

While this particular show isn't explicitly about minimalism, it has all the qualities. For one, the man is driving around on a bike with a backpack and a helmet! I'd call that pretty minimalist! Secondly, it also speaks to the fact that even with few things, you can still give an abundance out of your own kindness and generosity.

Wanna check out the trailer? Here ya go!

If you want to know more about Leon, feel free to check out his website He has a few books available as well as some speeches.

After watching this, I'm even more determined that not only can I minimize my life, but I can maximize my generosity. Whether it be through giving things that are no longer of use to me to using my newfound time focusing on the world and people around me, having less really is having more.

Give this series a watch and let me know what you think!

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