Monday, March 27, 2017

My Minimalist Journey: Classic Cold & Cool Weather Wardrobe Capsule

When I first started this minimalist journey, one of the first places I started pairing down was my closet. Now, I'm not one of those women who has enough clothes to last for months without re-wearing something. Quite the opposite, in fact. I'm way more into purses than clothes and tend to choose comfort over fashion almost every day. However, over the last few weeks, I feel like I've built a wonderful cold/cool weather wardrobe and wanted to share. These ideas you're about to read do not include pajamas, underclothes, purses or jewelry as those will need to come at a later date. I'm really just buying myself time to figure out what I really need and find important. So far, I've narrowed it down to what I really love in that department, but I'm not sure if I really need everything I love. More on that later. For now...

2 Wardrobe Capsules

I know I've seen a lot of people have clothes capsules for every season. But, in an attempt to be as minimalist as possible, I decided to have a cold/cool weather wardrobe and a hot/warm weather wardrobe. I'd assume I'll be in the cold/cool weather wardrobe at least until May, so I'll focus on that now and focus on my warm weather wardrobe.


I started with bottoms and they became my foundation of the capsule. I figured if I could do solid bottoms, then I could get creative on patterns and colors for tops and accessories. So, I have the following:

1.) Charcoal Slacks
2.) Beige Slacks
3.) Charcoal Skirt
4.) Beige Skirt
5.) Dark Jeans
6.) Light Jeans
7.) Work Jeans
8.) Black Maxi Skirt

The only thing I was missing was the beige skirt, so I hit up my favorite online consignment ThredUp. (By the way, if you click on that link, you get a $10 credit to use how you'd're welcome). I did a quick search on the site and quickly found this simple beige Halogen pencil skirt for $8.


I also kept my tops pretty versatile. I don't do many patterns anyway, but I had a couple in the mix. I did pick up the burgundy tunic from Khols on the clearance rack for about $10. I needed something not black or grey, so that happened.

1.) Chambray shirt
2.) Blue Sweater
3.) Brick Red Sweater
4.) Salmon Sweater
5.) Cream Sweater
6.) Striped Charcoal/White Tunic Blouse
7.) Burgundy Tunic Blouse
8.) Navy Blouse
9.) Black jogging sweatshirt
10.) Sea foam Fleece Pullover


I could probably use less dresses, however my husband would disagree with this. So, I went with 6.

1.) Little black dress
2.) Black, flowy party dress
3.) Eggplant lace dress
4.) Green casual dress
5.) Boutique Aztec neutral dress
6.) Blue casual dress


1.) Black flats
2.) Beige flats
3.) Black closed toe heels
4.) Nude closed toe heels
5.) Black boots
6.) Brown boots
7.) Grey Sketchers Go-Walks


1.) Beige solid
2.) Dark green solid
3.) Beige with lime green pattern

That's a grand total of 34 items (not including purses or accessories). They all mix and match really well! Some of these items I will also try to include in my warm weather capsule; like jeans, skirts and a few light fabric blouses. Building my capsule literally from the bottom up really helped me figure out the best way to mix and match the rest. The good news was I pretty much already had what I needed with the exception of the beige skirt and burgundy tunic. I spent a grand total of $18. However...I sold nearly everything else. As I mentioned in previous posts, most things I sold on Facebook yard sale groups and everything else will go in our garage sale with more brand name items being shipped off to ThredUp to make a few dollars on. Believe it or not, I've had quite a bit of success selling my clothes and out of the $153 I've made so far for my minimalist vacation challenge, nearly half of it has been in clothes. With that, $18 was a good investment to round out my closet.

What about you? What are some staple items you have in your wardrobe? What are some things I might be missing?


  1. Well done for pairing down! Also better to have a few items you love than contributing to the damaging world of fast fashion. xo Miss Portmanteau

    1. Thanks! Yes...I figure if I keep it classic and minimal, I'll have less things for my future children to laugh at in pictures 20 years from now! ha!

  2. I just can't seem to do the capsule wardrobe. I've pared down a fair amount, donating clothes that I continuously pushed aside and never wore, but I can't fully commit to a capsule wardrobe.

    1. I think paring down is really the key component. You have a's just intended to meet your needs and desires. Minimalism looks different for everybody and we all do it differently. I'd definitely be celebrating your strides to live with a little less!

  3. Good job with cutting down amount of clothes! Sounds that you have all essential pieces left. :)

    1. Thanks! That was definitely my hope. So far I haven't run into needing anything else. I plan to switch out pieces from time to time as they wear out or my style changes, but the idea for me will be to swap out instead of accumulate. lol.

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE checking out other people's capsule wardrobes. It's so inspiring to see what others choose when they have a scaled back closet. Here's a link to my all-seasons capsule -- -- if you're curious. xoxo

    1. Love this! I researched a little what others had done before I started creating mine (realizing my need to photograph it all once I have some time). I found one of the commonalities was the chambray shirt. lol. It's so versatile! I have A LOT of solids. One of these days, I'll start playing with more patterns. Thanks for sharing yours! :)

  5. This is such a great concept! I love the idea of having a few go to, quality pieces instead of a bunch of noise. I should consider downsizing my closet!

    1. It's so freeing! I love what I have and it gets used. Even with under 40 items, I'm still finding new ways of pairing things!

  6. I am pretty interested to create my own wardrobe capsule and this tips will help a lot xo