Monday, February 13, 2017

The Best Gifts for a Minimalist

With Valentine's Day a day away, I've been thinking about things to gift the hubs and the wonderful gals in my life.  It's then that I realized holidays may become something of a challenge as I'm striving to become a minimalist.  I love gifts, but some gifts are more minimalist friendly than others.  So, I've compiled a list of gift ideas for the minimalist or minimalist wannabes out there.

1.) Treats

Nothing says I love you more than a favorite treat!  A favorite candy or snack can brighten anyone's day.  It gets used (aka eaten) and the special feeling of being gifted with something you love is still there without the item taking up space!

2.) Fresh cut flowers I hear a lot of people knocking the gifting of fresh cut flowers because, well...they die.  This is actually why I think they are perfect.  First of all, fresh cut flowers are a luxury that not many people spring to buy themselves.  They brighten up a room and the smell is divine!  The fact that they die should be a benefit for a minimalist because they will only take up space as long as they're alive and then when the time comes and they whither away, the space will be free again.

3.) An experience or adventure

You don't necessarily need to gift someone something tangible.  Sometimes the best gifts come in the form of quality time doing something you enjoy.  It could be a great conversation over dinner, catching a favorite movie, or attending a concert...experiences together are the most enjoyable gifts!

4.) Gift cards

While lots of people think this to be impersonal, I actually LOVE gift cards.  Gift cards to my favorite coffee shops are especially appreciated.  A lot of times my husband and I will decide to eat out if we have gift cards.  So, by giving a gift card, you're actually gifting an enjoyable experience to be used at the discretion and convenience of the person receiving the gift.  Gift cards to retail shops are also possible as it gives the person receiving the gift the freedom to decide what they bring into the home.

What are some of your ideas for the best gifts for a minimalist?

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