Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Life Becoming a Minimalist

Stuff. My world is full of it. I trip over it. I run into it. I move it somewhere else because it's in my way. Seldom do I actually use it. I read the other day that we only actually use 25% of the things that we have. That means that 75% is completely useless. It just takes up space. In our past apartment, it took up space and I wanted more space. The truth was, I didn't need more space. I needed less stuff.

Recently, I had to face all the stuff I owned. I had to touch it; to pick it up and put it in a box to move into a storage space. After becoming restless with our past living space and desiring a home without belligerent neighbors (at each other, not us), we decided to not renew our lease. Rent was increasing and our budget seemed to be decreasing. So, we decided to move in with my in-laws until we could find the place that suited us and our budget. In doing so, we spent the two weeks after Christmas packing up everything we owned. Going through the experience of moving made me realize a few things...

1.) We have more than we need.

Just typing that out seems so funny to me. I was always wanting more. More money. More time. More space. More stuff. Now seeing that I actually have more, I realize that what I have needs to be redistributed in order to enjoy the things I do have that are important to me and my livelihood: time, money, and space.

2.) We are blessed.

We're blessed because of more than just the fact that we have more than what we need. Touching everything brought back memories of the people who gifted us with most of it. If someone gives me something, I have a hard time letting go of it. People have been generous to us and it shows in how many things we own that came from their giving souls. But I'm coming to realize that when those things stop serving their purpose, maybe someone else could also enjoy them. Maybe the joy we received in getting them we can now pass on to someone else while we keep the memory and the person close to our hearts.

3.) I can change my circumstances.

All these years I've just allowed the stuff to rule my life. I've allowed it to bring me anxiety in keeping up with it all. I've allowed my dissatisfaction with what I didn't have to keep me unhappy. But knowing all of this now means that I have the ability to change my circumstances. So, this is now my attempt to do just that. This is my road to minimalism.

My plan:

Get rid of stuff.

It's really that simple. Every day I plan to let go of something. I'll either sell it, give it, or toss it.

Swap out.

If I want something, I have to let 2 things go in order to bring it home.  The exception being anything perishable like food or toiletries. 

Reward myself with an experience.

Any money I make through the pairing down of my things I plan to save back for a much needed vacation! In doing so, I'm swapping out stuff for a fun experience and I can't think of a better motivation to become a minimalist than the end result being a wonderful experience and new adventure.

My end goal is to hopefully have more time, money, and space to enjoy life.  This blog will hopefully help keep me accountable to my plan.

Anyone else want to minimalize?  Have you ever attempted?  What did you find easy or hard?

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