Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Minimalism & Grace

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've decided to take control of my life (and my stuff) by becoming a minimalist. When I say minimalist, I can't say I fit into any sort of box. I feel minimalism means different things to different people  One minimalist's way doesn't have to be another minimalist's way (and I'll likely write about this later). However, one thing I did discover is the need to give myself some grace.

For instance, I began pairing down office supplies this week. This was incredibly difficult for me for a few reasons. First of all, when I managed a doctor's office, I was in charge of making sure we were stocked up on office supplies. I would stockpile free supplies like I was preparing for the apocalypse. At one point, Pharma guidelines changed meaning pharmaceutical sales reps could no longer leave pens, paper and things of the like. When this happened, I literally offered to take extra products off the hands of some friends of mine who were drug reps and had boxes of the stuff still in their storage units. I kept all of these items in our supply closet and they lasted for quite awhile. I'd like to say I saved the doctor a small fortune in my prepping savvy, but it probably didn't amount to as much as it did in my own mind.

Now that I work from home, I buy all my own supplies. Thus, while I was looking at them deciding what I wanted to keep and get rid of, my "keep" pile grew bigger than I wanted.  Right now, my office pretty much runs out of my laptop bag and a local coffee shop.  Since we are still with our in-laws at the present time, I keep telling myself, "I'll need this when I have my own office again." Of course, most of the stuff I've had in my arsenal for a couple of years. Suddenly, after disappointing myself for a few hours, I decided to give myself some grace.  I've gotten rid of quite a bit.  I determined that this pair down would be my first pass and I wouldn't get bogged down with the need to get rid of everything in sight.  Instead, I would celebrate the many things I was able to let go of. So far, I've gotten rid of a whole storage tower of supplies.  Maybe after I make it through the rest of my things, I'll circle back around to the areas I still have a lot of things in and try again.

I think throughout the journey, grace is important.  Rome wasn't built in a day! Pairing down a whole lifetime of things that I've grown attached to won't happen overnight either. The fact is, I'm letting go of things that have set unused for a very long time. I can't be disappointed in my progress and I know as time goes on, I'll keep feeling good about letting things go.

What about you?  What things do you have a strong attachment to?  What area of your home would be the hardest to pair down?

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