Monday, February 27, 2017

Minimalism and My Need for Simplicity in Schedule

I've known for awhile that I needed to simplify my life. I didn't quite know how to do that and I honestly didn't understand what was making it so incredibly complicated. I'm also not quite sure when the moment occurred when I realized I needed to minimize and that excess was the culprit. I think it was just something that crept up on me over time until one day I felt motivated enough to put it into action. Beyond things, though, there are so many other areas that need to be simplified. My schedule being one of them.

Oftentimes I feel pulled in fifty different directions when it comes to my schedule. Between work, church, friends, family and everything in between, I sometimes feel like I'm constantly spinning. Friday night I had an experience that really solidified why I am doing what I'm doing and how much further I should expand my simplification. After dinner and a few errands, my husband and I were on a drive home. The weather was wonderful as we hit the mid 70's that day. I hooked up Spotify and started playing some tunes as we drove in the night with the windows down. Suddenly, D was passing our normal turn for home and just kept driving. We drove aimlessly for a good half an hour just enjoying it all without any obligations to hurry home to. It was nice. I want more moments like that.

So moving forward and especially through lent, I'm minimizing my schedule as well. I will focus on doing things I love like reading and crocheting. I'll spend more time communing with God and digesting the Word. I'll spend more time enjoying my husband and my time with him. I'll stop and smell the roses more and rush a lot less. I will generally slow down. I will breathe.

Hopefully, my friends will give me some grace for not always being present to their many events. I love them all and since I've been blessed with so many, there are also so many events to be invited to. I'm not complaining. I want to be included. But for now, I need to focus and breathe. For now I need to be still more often and recharge. Maybe once I get a grip, I can slowly add more things back in. I hope to prioritize better. Life goes by entirely too fast, but I don't have to run to keep up with it. It'll have to drag me along.

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