Thursday, February 16, 2017

Going Minimalist: The Struggle with my Wardrobe

Over the last week, I've started purging my wardrobe.  It feels good to get rid of pieces that really aren't my favorites but for some reason, I never let go of them.  I've also let go of damaged clothing. I can't lie...I wear stuff with holes in it.  It becomes comfortable and so I just keep wearing it. However, after my doctor noted the hole in my sock at my last well-woman exam, I figured I'd spare myself that embarrassment again and just get some new socks.

A few of the successes have been...

1.) My socks and underclothes drawer.

I love fuzzy socks, but I have so many that I never wear.  Those were the first to go.  Then any other socks or undergarments with stains or holes were the next things I purged.  Considering these items are so cheap, it wasn't hard to let go of it.  I can't say the same for the rest of my wardrobe.

2.) Clothes that I never wear because I don't really love them.

I held on to a Ralph Lauren sweatshirt that I rarely wear.  It was that much easier when I sold it for $5 on Facebook yard sale.  Same goes for a pair of skinny capris that I was never actually comfortable in (how in the world does anyone wear skinny anything?!).  Then went a pair of shoes that I only wore once in the past year and they were insanely uncomfortable.  So far the grand total of my clothes purge has been $15 with more to go.  It's so much easier to let go of when it's replaced with money in my pocket.

A few of my struggles have been...

1.) Letting go of pieces I love but are too small for me.

Oh, the heartache of being too large for your favorite pieces!  Two years ago, I dropped 25 pounds. Since Christmas, I've gained about 10 of that back because of all the awesome desserts that fell into my mouth (on accident, of course).  Not only did I figure after the 25 pounds were lost that I'd keep losing more, but then some things became just a wee bit too uncomfortable after 10 more pounds found their way back on.  That weight is coming back off especially with Lent around the corner.  I'm not even Catholic, but, you know, solidarity!  So far, I've let go of pieces that are similar, but still kept smaller items that I'm on the verge of fitting into.

2.) Not really knowing what my staples should be for each season.

I started out not really feeling like I had the appropriate wardrobe.  I'm good on sweaters and jeans, but my life sometimes calls for a skirt or two.  I have 1 skirt and 1 blouse that I'm comfortable in. However, I'm finding I wear that same outfit every Sunday and, well, people are going to think that I lack variety.  I have decided I may need to buy a piece or two, but I'm just not sure how many of each thing I need.  So far I feel like I need 1 neutral skirt and 2 more blouses with a cardigan.

What are your thoughts on closet staples?  What are the things I may need for various events besides jeans and sweaters?  What are your struggles with your wardrobe?

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