Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Best Grocery Rebate Apps

A while back, I discovered the magic that is grocery rebate apps.  I have downloaded quite a few savings tools on my smartphone that I use during my weekly grocery trips.  I shop at Kroger, so I have that app.  I also make sure to print any paper coupons I can find from my app. All the other apps are rebate apps.  All you have to do is look through their offers before you buy groceries and choose the rebates you want.  After you buy the groceries, you upload pictures of your receipt on each app (and sometimes scan the bar code for the items) to get some money back.  Here is a breakdown of how each app works and my personal opinion after using them.

(You can get it here)

This is my favorite app because they have such a variety of products and I can claim several rebates from it on almost every shopping trip.  You select the rebates you want, scan the bar code of the corresponding products, and then at the end you take a picture of the receipt for them to process.  You can redeem money via PayPal or tons of other gift card options!

Pros: It has a variety of products and they process your receipt within about an hour of uploading. You can also earn cash bonuses after you complete some of their rebate challenges.

Cons: You have to wait until you reach $20 in rebates to cash out.  For me, this may mean cashing out once or twice a month which is fairly good in comparison to the other apps I've used.

(You can get it here)

This is my second favorite app because the rebates cash out automatically after it's processed (which means instant money back).    With MobiSave, you select the products you purchased and then take a picture of the receipt.  After the picture is taken, it will ask you select all the products on the receipt that you want rebates for.  After it processes (which is typically within an hour), the money is then automatically sent through your PayPal account for an immediate rebate.

Pros: The cash out is immediate so you don't have to wait until you reach a certain amount first.  The processing time is also within an hour.

Cons: There isn't quite as many products on here as there is on Ibotta.  Although, the variety is still better than some of the others.

(You can get it here)

At this point, the apps become a little mediocre to me, though I still use them because eventually the small amounts of change you save will ultimately get big enough for a nice cash out.  The products Shrink offers rebates on consist of lots of health foods.  Like the others, you select the groceries you want the rebates for.  Then you go to the "redeem" tab and start scanning those item bar codes.   After that, you'll upload a picture of the receipt like the others for processing (which doesn't take all that long like the above ones I've mentioned).  You can get the cash payout via Paypal or Venmo.

Pros: The cash out minimum is only $10 (which is better than Ibotta). You also get a $2 referral credit for every friend you invite after they upload their first receipt. Their processing time is pretty good too (usually within the hour).

Cons: There's not quite as many products to choose from in regards to things a typical household gets.  However, if you buy lots of health foods, you may find it to be useful for your typical grocery needs.

Checkout 51
(You can get it here)

This one is pretty good in terms of products.  There seems to be a bit more of a variety than Shrink. Like the others, you select the rebates you want.  Then, you upload a copy of your receipt.  The processing time is about the same as the above.

Pros: Decent variety and processing times.

Cons: There is a $20 cash out minimum which takes a little longer for me to reach on this than it does for me on Ibotta.  Cash out comes in way of a check (which takes longer than getting it via Paypal).

(You can get it here)

This one has a pretty good variety of items as well.  You select the rebates you want and then select "submit a receipt" and the store the products are from.  Then, you scan the bar codes an upload a picture of the receipt.  You cash out via PayPal once you hit $5.

Pros: Cash out minimum is only $5 and via paypal.

Cons: It can take a few days to process after you submit your receipt which I don't really like.  I want to know my receipt went through properly so I can move on with my life.  Also, the rebate amounts are lower or require you to buy more than one of the items.

Overall, Mobi and Ibotta are my favorites, but I still like using all of them to save.  On my last grocery trip, I got about $10 in rebates alone (not including coupons).  If I do that every week, that's a monthly savings of $40 on groceries and about $520 annually!  That's huge!

Have any questions about these apps?  Leave them in the comment section below.  If I don't know the answer immediately, I will find it!


  1. Whaaaaa? I had no idea there was such a thing as a grocery app! Need to check this out asap.

    1. Do it!! What's awesome is you can also use paper coupons for the same products. Sometimes I get stuff for free when it's on sale + coupons + rebates. When I first started doing it that way I was like, "Why haven't I done this all my life?!" Lol.

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  3. Any deal I find that can help me save money on groceries is like gold. ... View rebates in the app, purchase the products you like at .... A good rule of thumb is to look at the rebates before you head to the store.

  4. If you ever shop at Target, I love using the cart wheel app! Also, unrelated to groceries, Ebates surprisingly has many useful online savings coupons. If you refer a friend, you get cash. It's also quite handy :D I LOVE saving money! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I LOVE Target...and the cart wheel app! I have not yet used Ebates, but I've heard quite a lot about it at this point. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the tip! :)

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